Wheel of the Year

Our Wheel of the Year colorways are each named after a different witchy holiday, and the colors themselves transition through the seasons, from the bright, vibrant greens of spring through the pinks and reds of the flowers of summer through the deep red and brown rusty colors of fall. Starting at the greenest, we have: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule. 

We initially debuted these colorways as a part of Witch in a Box kits, in which we paired a full skien with holiday-specific items from our friend Debby from Chicken Coop Botanicals. As we worked our way through the year, exploring the changing of the seasons through yarn, we started to develop a collaborative way to share the colors and celebrate the holidays. 

In Fall 2019, we debuted Let’s Get Knitted Wit-chy, a collaboration with some of our fave designer friends, pairing the Wheel of the Year witchy holiday colors with really amazeballs designs they came up with. The patterns are all still available through these designers, so check them out and support the heck out of them, and the yarns remain, to this day, one of our favorite offerings. For the collaboration, we paired mini skeins of 6 of the witchy colors (Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, and Mabon) with full skeins of Canopy (green), Pollen (gold/yellow), Wild Orchid (purple), and Samhain (brown variegated).

Our amazing designers are (their Instagram names are included, so follow away!): Angela Tong: @atongdesigns; Caroline Dick: @cdickdesigns; Corinna Ferguson: @craftstarstudios; Dawn Henderson: @dawn.landix; Debbi Stone: @the_debbi_stone; Kira Dulaney: @kirakdesigns; Larissa Brown: @larissabrownauthor; Makenzie Alvarez: @hanksandneedles; Noriko Ho: @norichanknits; and Shannon Squire: @shannonsq.

LYS Partners: 2021 Spring Collection

Last Fall, we debuted a themed collection of colorways, designed to celebrate Fall, and we worked with a group of amazing designers that created gorgeous pieces to support this colorway collection (which was exclusively available through our LYS partners). For this collection, we put together a very Springy rainbow, and paired it with some of our 2020 Birds & Bees collection colorways. The result is a collection of fabulous Springy skeins that can be put together in so many amazing ways!

Check out our LYS partners in this Spring Collection:

We think the patterns we showcased with our Fall collection would ALSO be gorgeous with a Springtime update, and wanted y’all to have an easy way to see and access these patterns:

2 skein patterns include: 

3 (or more!) skein patterns include: 

The colorways included in our Spring Collection are: 

Variegated, from left to right: Lazuli Bunting, Red Nomad Bee, Purple Finch, Blanket Flower, Metallic Sweat Bee, Passionflower, Blue Orchard Bee, & Stellar Jay

Spring Collection Semi Solids

And solids from left to right: Raspberry Milkshake, Peachberry Sparkle, Pollen, Canopy, Carpenter Bee, Royal, Fox Glove, & Crow

LYS Partners: 2021 Birds and Bees Club

Last year, right before the pandemic hit, we debuted a brand-new, LYS-only club called the Birds & the Bees Club. We have just released year 2 of this club, and are so excited to share it with y’all! The colorways are ONLY available at the following LYS’s, so contact them to stock up on yarn celebrating the pollinators AND the pollinated!

Every month for 4 months, starting in February, we are shipping out exclusive colorways to our participating LYSs. Each month has a theme; the themes are listed below:

  • February: the Birds
  • March: the Bees
  • April: the Flowers
  • May: the Butterflies

The photo you see here is of the first shipment, the Birds. From left to right, the birds we are showcasing this month are: Anna’s Hummingbird, White Tailed Kite, Western Bluebird, and Northern Flicker.

LYS Partners: 2021 Palentine’s Day Colorways

Palentine's Colorways

Happy almost Palentine’s Day, friends! We created a gorgeous bundle of happy colors to celebrate our celebrations of love, and they are available at select LYS partners, including:

Check out our blog post for aaaaallll about the differences between Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and Palentine’s Day, and see why we are embracing the term Palentine’s Day (hint: more inclusivity is always a good thing), and then snag some yarn custom-dyed to showcase our love for one another.