We’re Hiring!

Hello fantastic people!! We have an opening for a full time position. The job is a little this, a little that, a lot of work and fun! You’ll be winding off yarn, rewinding yarn, labeling, and shipping orders. It’s a lot of work on your feet, lifting, and moving product around. This job requires flexibility (mostly emotionally when working with rewinding yarn) and a sense of humor.

We work 9-5, M-F, but can be flexible with the schedule. We’ll train you, we recognize this is a pretty specific skill set. That being said, this is a manufacturing job. You’ll be doing the same thing over and over and over. And over again. Recognizing economy of motion, and how to speed up your process once you have the skill down is very important.

Please send your resume to info@knittedwit.com, sending it anywhere else will get it deleted. Resumes need to be received by 1/18/18. We look forward to hearing from you!


Did y’all catch the Golden Globe awards? It was epic. Go watch Oprah’s speech. It felt like the salve my soul needed after processing #metoo. Catch Natalie Portman calling out the all male nominations in the directors category. So many inspired speeches; this award show was revitalizing to me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. I go on walk/attempted runs at night in my neighborhood and I feel like I leave the house prepared. I give myself a good pep talk about shouting no and fighting back if I was attacked. Which got me down the thought rabbit hole of saying no. I feel like saying no wasn’t something instilled in me. Is that my upbringing? A generational thing? A female thing? I took a self defense class in my early 20’s and I couldn’t finish the course. The act of saying no was startling and overwhelming. One time, Eric’s Oma was in a wee car accident and in the hospital over night for monitoring. She told the doctors no to asprin because she didn’t want a blood thinner. I had NO idea you could say no to a doctor. As a mother I’ve been told by countless memes to embrace the chaos and say yes to more. Y’all. I don’t want to say yes. I want to say no. Or at least only say yes when I’m emotionally/spiritually/physically prepared for the adventure. Anyways, this was the rabbit hole my brain took tonight to process #metoo and #TIMESup. I don’t have any answers or plans, but I’m going to keep practicing finding my voice and calling bull shit on sexist behavior around me.

Another way we process current events around Knitted Wit is with Colors for a Cause. Our newest one is #TIMESup and we’ll be donating 10% to National Women’s Law Center. They will be the organization administrating the funds raised by the #TIMESup go fund me.


Have y’all seen that hashtag floating around? #2018MakeNine is dreamed up by Home Row Fiber Co, she calls it a gentle challenge for makers. For me, it’s the ticket to set some intentions for 2018 and make a plan. I find with out a plan, nothing gets done! And boy howdy, do I have a lot planned for 2018.

I like to pick a phrase or word that helps me focus on what I want to accomplish for the year. For 2018 I’m focusing on Makers Gonna Make. And I have a lot I want to make. I want to make quilts, yarn, accessories and garments, time for my family and my home, and time to be outside. I snagged four quilt photos, but I have a few more that are in the to make pile. I honestly don’t know what’s a reasonable amount to accomplish, but I’m setting myself up for success with Sewing Sundays once a month with some sewing friends. We’re doing it on the first Sunday of the month so I have the week to figure out a game plan and make the most of our time together. I think I’m going to see if I can get some cutting in so I’m actually sewing on Sunday.

I want to get back in to spinning yarn. I think. Spinning is something I enjoy but tends to fall to the bottom of the crafting list. I’m trying out a friend’s electric spinner to see if that’s a better fit for my current life. What I’m realizing is I need to read less and watch more TV so I can get through more spins and knits! For knitting I want to learn how to do brioche knitting. I’m on the hunt for a class, I do much better learning a new technique in person. The other mega knitting goal is to learn to do toe up heels from the sock master Shannon Squire. I am not exaggerating when I say I have about a dozen socks knit up to the heel. I can cast on with the best of them and knit and knit and knit. Time to turn the heel!

With all the kiddos getting older and a little more in control of their bodily functions, its getting easier to travel again. I’m planning for a summer full of lake time, hiking, and camping. Sundays will be fundays around here!

A big goal more related to Knitted Wit is blogging and being here. I’m calling it slow social media 😉 I want to tell you the stories behind our colors, because there almost always is one. I want to see what you’re making and share it with all our friends, too! Here is to a successful, colorful, joyful 2018!


After years of blogging sporadically, I’m hoping to be back at it on a semi-regular basis so I can share some of what goes on behind the scenes at Knitted Wit. Color inspiration, favorite patterns that pair well with our yarn bases, and sneak peeks of what’s cooking in the dyepots are just some of the things I plan to share with you.

I’ll be back soon with some of the fun and inspiring things we’re working on for 2018, and in the meantime, Happy Crafting!