Behind the Scenes at Knitted Wit

So how does this magic get into the dyepots for you? There’s a whole team of sassypants individuals behind the scenes at Knitted Wit World Headquarters, dyeing yarn, twisting skeins, affixing labels, and shipping this rainbow-filled fiber all over the place.

There’s Lorajean herself, the sparkling rainbow-obsessed unicorn queen of Knitted Wit.

Next up is Henna, who has been with Knitted Wit for four years and knows each of the more than 150 colorways like she knows the back of her hand.

Then we have Sandy, who dreams of color her entire bus ride to the studio — and then makes her color dreams come true once she gets to the dyepots.

Once the yarn is dyed, Nikki ensures all our skeins are rewound and labelled — she also helps make sure we are organized and that the studio stays in tip-top shape.

Winding yarn is Talia‘s main focus but she’s also learning the ropes to help create some of Knitted Wit’s fun Speckles colorways.

Leo is our resident skein-making king — when he isn’t winding yarn, he’s assisting with the dyeing so we can get your order to you as quickly as possible.

We’ve got quite a team, and it makes our unicorn-loving hearts just sing to think of the love and care that goes into each part and piece of the Knitted Wit puzzle.