LYS Partners: 2021 Spring Collection

Last Fall, we debuted a themed collection of colorways, designed to celebrate Fall, and we worked with a group of amazing designers that created gorgeous pieces to support this colorway collection (which was exclusively available through our LYS partners). For this collection, we put together a very Springy rainbow, and paired it with some of our 2020 Birds & Bees collection colorways. The result is a collection of fabulous Springy skeins that can be put together in so many amazing ways!

Check out our LYS partners in this Spring Collection:

We think the patterns we showcased with our Fall collection would ALSO be gorgeous with a Springtime update, and wanted y’all to have an easy way to see and access these patterns:

2 skein patterns include: 

3 (or more!) skein patterns include: 

The colorways included in our Spring Collection are: 

Variegated, from left to right: Lazuli Bunting, Red Nomad Bee, Purple Finch, Blanket Flower, Metallic Sweat Bee, Passionflower, Blue Orchard Bee, & Stellar Jay

Spring Collection Semi Solids

And solids from left to right: Raspberry Milkshake, Peachberry Sparkle, Pollen, Canopy, Carpenter Bee, Royal, Fox Glove, & Crow