LYS Partners: 2021 Birds and Bees Club

Last year, right before the pandemic hit, we debuted a brand-new, LYS-only club called the Birds & the Bees Club. We have just released year 2 of this club, and are so excited to share it with y’all! The colorways are ONLY available at the following LYS’s, so contact them to stock up on yarn celebrating the pollinators AND the pollinated!

Every month for 4 months, starting in February, we are shipping out exclusive colorways to our participating LYSs. Each month has a theme; the themes are listed below:

  • February: the Birds
  • March: the Bees
  • April: the Flowers
  • May: the Butterflies

The photo you see here is of the first shipment, the Birds. From left to right, the birds we are showcasing this month are: Anna’s Hummingbird, White Tailed Kite, Western Bluebird, and Northern Flicker.