True Colors: Dualing

Julie D’Aubigny (1673-1707) was BOTH an opera singer AND a sword fighter. Hence the colorway name Dualing. She had dual loves, and she loved dueling. 😉 D’Aubigny was one of the most interesting people we have ever read about, and we’re only including a taste of her many many exploits. She was bisexual, super talented, and had a knack for getting in trouble. Throughout her short life (she died in her early 30s), and among many other adventures, she: set a convent on fire to help a girlfriend escape (the girlfriend was put into said convent to get her away from D’Aubigny); fled Paris because a boyfriend killed someone in an illegal duel; and was herself was challenged to duels by 3 separate men at one single party (and she defeated them all). She often dressed as a man, and one time, when someone questioned whether she was, in fact, a woman, because she was just too good at sword fighting, she took her shirt off to prove that she had breasts. The crowd, it was said, fell silent. She was also pardoned by the King of France and performed in the Paris Opera, breaking down barriers by presenting as androgynous.

This colorway used to be called Potion in the Cave.

Dualing Yarn

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