True Colors: Stonewall

We are super pleased to share this new/old colorline with you! When JK Rowling showed her true colors as a TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist), we knew we couldn’t continue to promote or profit off of our color line inspired by her best-known work, but we also loved so many of the colorways we created, so we decided to repackage them into a smaller color line, paying homage to people in the LGBTQIA+ community, with a special emphasis on Trans folk. From 9/16 – 11/25, we’ll be sharing 2 of the colorways from this new True Colors line a week, here on Instagram and on our blog, telling a bit of these stories (you know how we love a good story!). We hope you enjoy honoring this fab group of groundbreaking individuals as much as we have enjoyed learning more about them. We are starting out our journey with two of our favorite colorways from the set, honoring two Trans women who did so much for Trans rights and their communities.

One of our all-time favorite colorways ever, Stonewall is named for the inimitable Marsha P. Johnson, who lived in the US from 1945-1992. Johnson was a Black Trans woman who was one of the inspirations/instigators of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion along with Sylvia Rivera (look out for a colorway inspired by Sylvia in a few weeks). The P in her name stood for “Pay it No Mind.” Johnson had a glowing personality; everyone loved her. She was a mother figure to many young Trans people, and worked to provide housing for young Trans people in NYC. She founded STAR house in 1970, which was a 4-bedroom apt for Trans folk to live in. Her legacy lives on in many ways, one of which being the Marsha P. Johnson Foundation, which organizes and advocates for Black Trans people. This colorway was originally called Spectrespecs.

We are sharing two projects that feature Stonewall, both from designer Shannon Squire. Margaret Sullivan’s Shawl is in 2 skeins of our Fingering, and Short Attention Span Socks are in our Sock base.

You can find all of our True Colors on our website, including this week’s releases!