Designers’ Dogs: Shannon Squire and Bowie

We are so excited to be sharing our Designers’ Dogs collaboration with you today! Please check out all of the posts here:

The collaboration can be found on Ravelry: You can purchase the entire collection for $33 through 4/4/20, or you can purchase individual patterns from each designer. 

10% of each skein sold will be donated to the Oregon Humane Society, which is one of the best humane societies in the nation.

And now, without further ado, let’s meet Shannon Squire…

Shannon Squire loves to design simple designs that showcase texture and lots of colorplay. She never (and I mean NEVER) thought of herself as a dog person; she’s been allergic to dogs and cats since she was a wee child, and never really understood why people would want to share their homes with a furry animal. Until she had kids, and those kids dreamed about having a pet. Shannon and her mister started researching hypoallergenic dogs and started visiting potential pets at the humane society, where Shannon would bury her face in the dog’s fur, to see if she could live side-by-side with one. Turns out she could (if the dog was a very specific kind), so they surprised their kiddos with a Snorkie pup for Xmas one year. Frida was the best little friend a family could have, but she was tragically hit by a car last summer. The family mourned and through their mourning, realized they were actually now people who needed a dog in their lives. They found Bowie at a local humane society, and he fit so perfectly into their lives that they can’t imagine life without him. He is a very good boy, curious and snuggly and pretty much perfect, and Shannon’s family feels complete.


After the tragic loss of their first pup, Frida, Shannon’s family wasn’t sure what to do with all of the love they had for their little Fri-Fri. They found that what seemed like the perfect pup had been surrendered to a local humane society, so they headed out to meet said pup first thing on the first morning it was available for adoption. The girls and the pup fell madly in love, and he went home with them that night. As Shannon was setting up a crate for pup to sleep in, she realized he had already found a place to sleep: in her 8-year-old’s bed. That’s when they all knew it was meant to be.