November Sassy Holidays: National Sandwich Day

As the days get shorter and cooler, we think more and more about food. Food is a very important part of our life here at Knitted Wit, and, if you’ve been taking part in our Sassy Holiday celebrations for any length of time, you know that we are almost always down to celebrate a holiday that centers around food. We’ve mostly focused on sweet treats, but this month, with the cool weather, we want something savory, which is why we are celebrating National Sandwich Day on November 3rd (not that sandwiches can’t be sweet, too…)

Legend states that in the 18th century, the Earl of Sandwich would order his meat and cheese served betwixt bread, so he could more easily play cards without dirtying those cards. Folks became intrigued by this new way to package their food, and started asking for theirs to be made in the style of the Earl of Sandwich, which was eventually shortened to sandwich. Voila!

Here are recipes for two of our favorite sandwiches; November 3 might be a good day to host a sandwich party with your favorites!

Classic PB&J:

Take 2 slices of white bread (a seedy multigrain if you want to add a little extra), and smear nut butter, either creamy OR crunchy on one half. Peanut is the most classic of classics, but almond or even a mixed nut butter takes it all up a notch. Smear jam or jelly on the other half. Go classic with grape or strawberry jelly, or add a little pizazz with raspberry or even (gasp!) a marmalade. One of our favorites is mixed nut butter and grapefruit marmelade on toasted seedy multigrain bread. 

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese:

Take 2 slices of seedy multigrain or fresh-baked sourdough, and spread one side of each with a thin coating of butter. Put one slice on a preheated pan (we like a cast-iron pan), butter-side down, and add a layer of brie, then a layer of thinly-sliced pears. Add the other bread half, butter side up, and cook until the bottom bread is toasty brown. Flip and cook until that bread is toasty brown. Enjoy!

Now that we’ve gotten everyone nice and hungry, enjoy celebrating the humble sandwich today. 

Next month is our final Sassy Holiday shipment; we are discontinuing the club, but my, have we had fun making these colors for you! We’re focusing next year on HerStory, and a new club called the ShannaJean Club, so ask your LYS if they’re taking part in either or both of these clubs in 2020. Thanks for learning all about these holidays with us, and enjoy your sandwich! The Final Sassy Holiday is December 26th, which is National Thank You Day

Here are some extra sandwich recipes we ran out of room for in the love letter!

Lotsa Veggies on a Bagel:

Take an everything bagel, and toast it if you like. Thinly spread both sides with hummus, then add thinly-sliced cucumber, thinly-sliced tomato, sprouts, and avocado. Eat!

Caprese Sandwich:

Take 2 slices of seedy multigrain or a baguette, and spread fresh basil pesto along one piece. Add slices of mozerella and fresh tomato. Enjoy!